Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headphones - Black

Black Headphones
Black headphones

Enjoy listening to music or talking on the phone with virtually zero EMF radiation exposure. Our Anti-Radiation headphones use air tubes to deliver sound from drivers that sit safely away from your ears. These headphones include a mic for taking calls and works with iPhone, Android or Windows devices.

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black headphones
Black headphones
Black headPhones
black headphones


Up to 99.9% protection compared to holding a cell phone to your ear
Up to 97% protection compared to ordinary headphones
Built-in mic for taking and receiving calls
Stereo sound
Clean and durable aluminium construction
Long tangle free cord

How our Anti-Radiation Air Tube headphones protects you from radiation?

EMF radiation follows the inverse square law and tapers off dramatically with distance from the emitting source. In fact, if you’re talking on your cell phone and don’t have access to headphones or the ability to use the speaker, then simply holding your cell phone two

inches away from your ear will lower EMF radiation to ¼ the strength. This principle is how our headphones are able to achieve such dramatic reduction in EMF exposure compared to ordinary headphones.