The EMF pendant and sticker scam

You may have seen these products. They claim that wearing a pendant or putting a tiny sticker on your phone will harmonize or neutralize EMF. They are all over Amazon. However, none of these products are substantiated by any studies or even science for that matter. Some even cite awards from made-up organization. If you read the reviews, they tell you that the only way to test their product is by doing a “muscle test.” If you are not familiar with muscle testing, this is when somebody holds an item close to their body and puts their arm out and has someone push down on their arm. If the item “resonates” with you in a positive way, then your resistance is strong. Unfortunately, the muscle test is nothing more than a placebo test. Here’s why: time and time again, the muscle test gives counter results when both the participant and the tester do not know what item is being held. The power of suggestion is extremely powerful. It’s why drug companies always do double blind placebos when testing for new drugs. We’ve tested some of these products and they are often nothing more than plastic, but people are convinced that they’re being protected and feel better using it. Unfortunately, while unscrupulous companies are profiting from fake EMF products, the mounting research about the dangers of EMF are most certainly not fake.  RadiArmor only sells products that are based on scientific principles and verified by an independent laboratory.


Why pregnant women should never rest their phone on their belly.
Several weeks ago, we published a blog post about a study by the University of Utah which showed that children absorb twice as much EMF radiation in the brain and up to 10 times more EMF in the skull bone marrow. And while many people are already aware of the cancer links to EMF, a more recent study shows that prenatal cell phone exposure can also lead to behavioral problems. The study by the University of Southern California found that children of mothers who used cell phones more extensively during pregnancy, and to a lesser extent after pregnancy, had a higher likelihood of behavioral problems such as hyperactivity, inattention and social issues later in life. See study here.

EMF exposure linked to depression and suicide
A detailed study by the University of North Carolina found that suicide rates among electric utility workers are nearly 50% greater than men in similar occupational categories. This study supports previous studies showing that EMF significantly decreases the production of melatonin, the key hormone that regulates sleep. Numerous studies have shown lower melatonin levels can lead to insomnia, depression, and suicide. See study here.

What every man needs to know about keeping their phone in their pocket

According to the Environmental Working Group, men who carried a cell phone in a pant pocket had 11 percent fewer moving sperm cells than men who didn’t. RadiArmor cases block over 91% of EMF, even in your pocket. See study here.



How cell phones affect your child’s brain

According to a study by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Utah, children absorb twice as much EMF radiation in the brain and up to 10 times more EMF in the skull bone marrow. Click here for a link to this study.