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RadiArmor’s unisex EMF blocking hat features a breathable liner made of pure silver woven fibers that blocks over 99% of high frequency RF and millimeter wave radiation commonly associated with WiFi, cellular and 5G communication. Also blocks 99% of electric fields measured in V/m. Average reduction to the head inside the hat exceeds 90%. NOTE: Does not block low frequency magnetic fields measured in milligaus (mG).

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This unisex hat features an adjustable strap to fit most people from size S to L (21 to 23 cm circumference). Not suitable for size XL or greater. Please see size chart.

Silver is naturally anti-bacterial and odor resistant, so you never need to wash it. The outer material is pure cotton. If necessary, hand wash and hang dry only. Silver naturally changes color over time but this does not effect the EMF shielding capabilities.



First, make sure you that you are using an EMF reader that measures high-frequency RF or microwave radiation. This is the kind of EMF emitted by cell phone towers, WiFi, and 5G. This is also the type of EMF most commonly associated with potential health risks according to studies. For best results, find a cellphone or 5G tower and compare background levels to levels inside the hat. Many readers are based on a logarithmic scale, so we also recommend a reader that registers real numbers.