Tips to lower EMF exposure

Use the speaker function

If you can, use the speaker function on your phone. If that’s not possible, hold your phone a few inches away from your ear. EMF follows the inverse square law and tapers off rapidly with distance.

Use headphones

Just about any kind of headphone, Bluetooth or wired, is safer than holding your phone near your ear. However, since even headphones emit EMF, the best option is air-tube headphones such as RadiArmor headphones.

Avoid calling if you have poor reception

The lower your reception, the more energy output your phone emits to stay connected, which can increase your EMF exposure.

If you absolutely have to, keep your phone in your back pocket

Even if you are using one of our anti-radiation cases, we still recommend keeping your phone away from your body as much as possible. Nevertheless, sometimes you must carry your phone near your body. So where is the safest place to keep your phone? The best choice is your back pants pocket. Your butt has a thick layer of fat and muscle and will provide the best distance from vital organs.

Put your WiFi router on a power strip

If you’re like most people, you have WiFi at home, which emits strong radiofrequency EMF. While some people recommend using a LAN line instead, this is typically too much of a hassle to be considered realistic. Same goes with turning your WiFi on and off every time you use it.  At RadiArmor, we’re all about finding practical ways to lower your EMF exposure. Here’s a cheap and easy trick… connect your WiFi router to a power strip that has an on/off switch (you can buy these just about anywhere for under $10) and turn it off before going to bed. You’ll likely sleep better and save money on your electric bill.