EMF Blocking Phone Sleeves


RadiArmor’s EMF blocking sleeve is designed to provide RF protection when you carry your phone in your pocket. Our RF shielding material blocks over 99% of cell phone radiation. However, since covering your entire phone with this material would result in no reception, only the backside is lined with this material. This still provides an effective EMF reduction of 91% to 96% without compromising your cellular reception. Measuring 7 inches tall and 4.15 inches wide and made of flexible neoprene, this sleeve fits most smartphones including large phones such as Samsung Galaxy Ultra, iPhone Max and Pixel Pro Series. Just slide your phone in the sleeve and put it in your pocket.


  • 91-96% Reduction from high-frequency RF radiation
  • Belt loop 
  • Velcro flap


While many companies report how much EMF their material blocks, RadiArmor also reports the real reduction you can expect to receive. For example, some companies put a small piece of EMF blocking material in a pendant or sticker and claim 99% reduction. While technically true, this is in reference to the material, not the real reduction you’re receiving. A waterproof sticker is not going to keep you dry in the rain. Similarly, if you put a sticker that blocks radiation on the back of your phone, your effective reduction is still zero. To get real protection, the EMF blocking material must be between you and the source. At RadiArmor, we only make products that provide genuine reduction to the user.


Only the backside is lined with our proprietary EMF blocking membrane. This ensures normal cell phone reception. Always be sure to keep the protected side facing you at all times. The flap can also be tucked in so you connect your headphones while you are using your sleeve.


Available in 2 colors. Exclusively on Amazon.