EMF PROTECTION: RadiArmor’s EMF blocking pouch is lined with a proprietary metallic fabric that blocks 99% of EMF radiation and provides between 91% to 96% EMF reduction to the user.

HOW IT WORKS: Only one side of our EMF blocking sleeve is lined with our proprietary anti-radiation material. This creates an EMF blocking barrier between you and your phone while still ensuring normal cell phone reception.

UNIVERSAL FIT: RadiArmor’s EMF blocking pouch is made of flexible neoprene and measures 18 cm long by 10.5 cm wide. Fits most cell phones, including larger size phones such as iPhone Plus and Galaxy S9+.

INTEGRITY: Many companies who claim 99% EMF reduction refer to their EMF blocking fabric, not the EMF reduction you receive. Some companies even sell EMF blocking stickers and claim 99% reduction, but the real reduction to you is zero or sometimes worse, especially if applied to the back of your phone. RadiArmor only sells products that provide real protection and is based on scientific principles.

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: RadiArmor anti-radiation pouches features a belt loop as well as flap with Velcro to keep your phone secure when you’re on the move.