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Anti-Radiation iPhone wallet cases - 91% of EMF Reduction

RadiArmor’s proprietary anti-radiation membrane blocks 99% of EMF radiation. However, since covering your entire phone with this material would result in no reception, only the front cover of our Anti-Radiation iPhone cases is lined with the material. This still offers an effective reduction of 91% emitted toward the direction of your head with absolutely no sacrifice in phone reception.

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EMF Blocking Fabric and Tape Combo - Over 99% reduction

Block unwanted EMF such as WiFi, 5G, cellular signals and more. Measuring 1 meter by 1.1 meter (39 in X 43 in) RadiArmor’s EMF blocking fabric blocks over 99.9% of high frequency RF signals commonly associated with cellular and data transmission.
Fabric Main

EMF Blocking Hats - Over 90% average reduction to head

Our unisex EMF blocking hats and beanies are lined with a breathable EMF blocking liner made of pure silver fibers that blocks over 99% of high-frequency RF (radio field) and millimeter wave frequencies associated with 5G. Average effective reduction to head exceeds 90%.

Anti-Radiation Laptop Pad - Up to 99% reduction

Crafted from premium vegan leather and lined with our proprietary EMF blocking liner. Blocks over 99% of high-frequency RF (radio field), microwave and electric field radiation commonly associated with devices that use WiFi or cellular networks such as laptops and tablets.

Anti-Radiation Sleeve – 91 to 96% EMF reduction

RadiArmor’s Anti-Radiation Sleeve offers effective EMF protection of 91-96%. Designed to fit most phones, including larger phones like Samsung S9+ and Pixel XL, this sleeve is lined with our anti-radiation material on one side (backside) only. This design ensures optimal EMF protection while maintaining normal cell phone reception.

Universal size fits most phones including Samsung S9+ and Pixel XL

Air-Tube Headphones - Up to 99.9% EMF Reduction

EMF follows the inverse square law and tapers off rapidly with distance from the emitting source. Using this principle in mind, RadiArmor’s Air-tube Headphones are the ideal accessory on longer calls and offers nearly 100% EMF protection. Includes built-in microphone and call answering button.
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