OVERVIEW: RadiArmor has brought its EMF shielding technology to the iPhone X (10) with a newly designed detachable wallet case. The magnetically detachable bumper case is made of durable TPU rubber while the meticulously crafted wallet case is made from durable vegan leather and lined with our proprietary anti-radiation membrane.

LAB TESTED: RadiArmor cases are tested in a certified and independent laboratory using testing procedures that simulate a live phone call held to the ear. Our EMF material blocks over 99% of high frequency EMF and offers an effective EMF reduction of 91% during a call.

INTEGRITY: Many manufactures who claim 99% EMF protection are referring to the radiation blocking material, NOT the actual protection you receive on a call. If you covered your whole phone with EMF blocking material, then you’d have no signal. Our EMF blocking material is used on the front cover only, providing you real EMF protection with no sacrifice in reception.

FLEXIBILITY – This case uses ultrathin magnets that allow you to have a traditional bumper case or a wallet case whenever you like. The bumper case uses impact resistant TPU rubber for excellent drop protection. Using the wallet cover provides kickstand functionality and the ability to carry essential cards and cash in one place.