At RadiArmor, we make stylish and practical products that protect you and your loved ones from cellphone or EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation. All our products are based on scientific principles and tested by an independent and certified laboratory.

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How to Apply RadiiArmor's Screen Protectors

In 2012, the BioInitiative Working Group published a landmark report on the biological effects of radiation from wireless technology. The report’s overall conclusion is that the applicable limits for radiation from wireless technology should be immediately lowered to a safer level, many thousands of times lower than the maximum permissible values today. The report was prepared by an international team of 29 independent researchers and experts. The report examined 1800 new studies since the first BioInitiative report was published in 2007, bringing the total the number of studies close to 4000.



-2012 BioInitiative レポート

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Anti-Radiation Case For iPhone - Blocks 91% of EMF Radiation

iPhone 7 Plus

RadiArmor’s proprietary anti-radiation membrane blocks 99.9% of EMF radiation. However, since covering your entire phone with this material would result in no reception, only the front cover of our Anti-Radiation iPhone cases is lined with the material. This still offers an effective EMF reduction of 91% emitted toward the direction of your head with absolutely no sacrifice in phone reception.

Anti-Radiation Screen Protector for iPhone 7 - Up to 70% reduction

iPhone 7 (White)

iPhone 7 Plus (White)

iPhone 7 (Black)

iPhone 7 Plus (Black)